New Books from Africa Book Centre

The following new books are available now from Africa Book Centre


From Pasta To Pigfoot: Second Helpings
by Frances Mensah Williams

Faye Bonsu seems to have it all; a drop-dead gorgeous and successful boyfriend, a bourgeoning career as an interior designer and a rent-free mansion in leafy Hampstead to call home. But with all her friends shifting into yummy-mummy mode, a man who seems to have no desire to put a ring on it, tricky clients, and a very attractive and single boss, things are not quite as simple as they might appear. Hoping to escape from her suddenly complicated life and revive her wilting romance, Faye returns to sunny Ghana for what she hopes will be the time of her life. But life doesn’t always offer second chances and when disaster strikes, she is forced to confront the biggest question of her life and to make a choice that comes with consequences she will have to live with forever.


How to Spell Naija  in 100 Short Stories (Part 2)
by Chuma Nwokolo

This second volume of ‘How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories’ contains the final 50 stories and raises the high bar set by the first. These tales boldly range over Nigeriana, with kidnappers, houseboys, bishops and suicide bombers wreaking domestic and hilarious havoc. The tales are set in the future and in the present, in the diaspora, in urban and small-town Nigeria, and in the author’s fictional Waterside community. Once again, Nwokolo’s sure-handed humour and earthy style brings an amazing and unforgettable cast of characters to life.


Safe House: Explorations in Creative Nonfiction
by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey

A Nigerian immigrant to Senegal explores the increasing influence of China across the region, a Kenyan student activist writes of exile in Kampala, a Liberian scientist shares her diary of the Ebola crisis, a Nigerian journalist travels to the north to meet a community at risk, a Kenyan author travels to Senegal to interview a gay rights activist, and a South African writer recounts a tale of family discord and murder in a remote seaside town. In a collection that ranges from travel writing and memoir to reportage and meditative essays, editor Ellah Wakatama Allfrey has brought together some of the most talented writers of creative nonfiction from across Africa.


The Daily Assortment of Astonishing Things and Other Stories
Caine Prize for Africa Writing 2016

A man accused of sexual harassment tells the bizarre tale of the Lifebloom gift, which is accessed through the moles on people’s skin… In the late 21st century a mathematical formula has been discovered that allows a few gifted people to relieve others of their grief – but at what cost?… A son charts the disintegration of his mother and his family, Nigerian immigrants to Utah… The rivalries and rifts between two cousins raised as twins are recalled as one lies dead before the other… A girl acts as protector when her sister’s mental-health problems cause consternation in a South African village…